Mary, Mary…

“The being who can govern itself has nothing to fear in life”
Mary Wollstonecraft

Mary, Mary…

  • Written and Directed by
  • Rowenna Mortimer


  • Mary Wollstonecraft – Helena Collins O’Connor
  • Shovet – Harry Boyd

A Celebration of Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) Academic Conference 2019

performed in St Pancras Old Church, Kings Cross and at the Bloomsbury Festival 2018

Performed in Swann’s Dry Cleaners, The Hub, Conway Hall

A theatre performance inspired by the pioneering activist Mary Wollstonecraft and her book ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’.

Mary, Mary… at the Bloomsbury Festival is a Research and Development project for script and performance. It is inspired by the pioneering activist Mary Wollstonecraft and her work ‘A Vindication of the Rights of Woman’ and explores meeting points between the personal and political worlds and Mary’s ideas for a revolution in women’s behaviour and role in society.

Mary, Mary… involves rehearsal through a process of collective creation and three performances at three different festival venues. The project aims to develop and test out ideas for a full length stage play.

What did audiences remember most about  Mary, Mary…?


“leaves enough unsaid to make itself an eternal talking point”
London Life


  • Written by Luis Cunille
  • Translated by Lola Lopes Ruiz
  • Directed by Rowenna Mortimer
  • Designed by Phil Newman
  • Sound design by Akemi Ishijima


  • Liz Guimaraes
  • Rowenna Mortimer

At the Steiner Theatre (now the Marylebone Theatre)

“A dreamlike urban setting in three short acts…”

“the power of the play lies in it’s open-endedness…”

“thought-provoking and probing”

Struggle of the Dogs and the Black

“most overpowering piece of theatre I’ve seen this year so far”
Alastair Baker

Struggle of the Dogs and the Black

  • Written by Bernard Marie Koltes
  • Translated by Matthew Ward
  • Directed by Thierry Lawson


  • Michael Jempeji
  • Phil Mason
  • Rowenna Mortimer
  • Oliver Mannion

at Teatro Technis

“The Struggle of the Dogs and the Black represents arguably the pinnacle of Koltes’ career as a playwright.”
CA Upton

“ Quite simply about a place”
B-M Koltes

Further Than The Edge - theatre production and performance

ongoing production - The Morphea

Ella McCormack in 'The Morphea', Studio Theatre, Bloomsbury Festival October 2023
Micah Baker and Ella McCormack in 'The Morphea', Studio Theatre, Bloomsbury Festival October 2023
images © Tasha Coupland Eve
Listen in! Interview - Bloomsbury Radio with Rowenna, director of The Morphea
  • image©Brianna Quintanilla

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image © Tasha Coupland Eve

October 14th & 15th 2023 at 5pm

The Studio Theatre, RADA, 16 Chenies St, WC1E 7EX

  • The Morphea - Ella McCormack
  • The Drummer - Micah Hall
  • Movement Director - Sally Marie
  • Writer/Director - Rowenna Mortimer
  • Images - Tasha Coupland Eve

The Morphea
“Water, water everywhere and not a place to sleep?”
Morphea’s home on the canal is being disturbed, so off she sets on a journey…

a tailor's dummy lies by the canal side
the shadow of a dancer is cast on a brick wall